PosterTalks is Like YouTube for Poster Presentations

PosterTalks is a complete web and mobile app platform that significantly enhances the poster viewing experience at medical meetings.

PosterTalks provides presenting authors with a simple web-based interface to record dynamic audio and video presentations.

PosterTalks allows meeting attendees the ability to view these presentations, download or bookmark their favorite presentations, download PDF versions of the posters, ask questions, leave comments, and share presentations with their colleagues all from the convenience of a smart phone or tablet.


 PosterTalks Benefits

  • Provides presenters with an easy-to-use platform to convey more detailed and dynamically highlighted educational content.

  • Attendees learn more about the content of the poster sessions by accessing enhanced content.

  • Provides greater learning by using multiple learning modalities.

  • Increases the impact of the posters.

  • Stimulates scientific dialogue by allowing attendees to submit questions or comments to the authors or other colleagues.

  • Facilitates assimilation of information by letting attendees download and bookmark the presentation and download a PDF of the poster for later consideration.

  • Allows social sharing via Email, Instant Message, Twitter and Facebook.


How it Works

  • Authors log into the secure PosterTalks website and use a simple browser based recording feature to record their presentation.

  • They can use PowerPoint slides or the PDF of their poster for the visuals and record their voice using their computer’s built in microphone.

  • A PDF version of their poster is uploaded to be made available to meeting attendees.

  • A shortened URL and QR code will be generated  for use on their poster

  • PosterTalks are also searchable by abstract number, author or title.

  • PosterTalks are mobile optimized.

  • PosterTalks can viewed via the custom mobile application or via a mobile web browser.


Benefits for Conference Organizers

  • Provides a new revenue generating offering for conference organizers.

  • Offers a competitive advantage vs. competing conferences.

  • Enhance the conference attendee experience.

  • Promote greater interest in the poster sessions and increase the impact of the posters.

  • You control access – freely available or only available to registered conference attendees.

  • Can be customized for your meeting or integrated into your existing meeting mobile application.


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